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Goldwork Needle Pack

Needles – which do we use for Goldwork

In Goldwork we use a variety of needles which are used for different reasons, we are going to share with you which needles we use, how and when we use them and why.

Goldwork Needle Pack

You may have noticed that we have a Goldwork Needle Pack which holds all the main needles that we use, occasionally others can or will be used but these are the most used and the best ones for Goldwork – Couching, wire, Leather, Passing and Plunging – but what are they and what are they used for ?

Couching Needles

Couching needles are the probably the most used in Goldwork. As the name suggests these needles are used for couching which is one of the main techniques in Goldwork. The ones that we use are Embroidery size 5 as these are the ideal size in length and the eye is not too big but not too small. This needle is also a good all rounder and can be used for a wide variety of other types of embroidery. They can be purchased as part of the Goldwork Needle pack (link above) or they can be purchased in packs of 10 – Couching needles

Couching needles
wire needle pack

Wire Needles

Wire needles are also known as beading needles, they are smaller than the couching needles. These needles are used for going through some of the wires such as Bright check or wire check and the Smooth and rough purl, due to them being a finer needle they will go through the centre of the wire, they can also be used for beads. Wire Needles are available in the Goldwork needle pack or you can purchase them in a pack of 10 wire Needles

Leather Needles

Leather needle also known as a glovers needle, This super sharp needle is identifiable by the triangular point which is designed to go through leather (or skin) smoothly and without force, reducing the chance of tears in your leather. This is a must have needle for Leather work and make the task so much easier. This needle is available in the Goldwork pack and you can also purchase them as a pack of 5 Leather Needles

Leather needle pack
Passing needles

Passing Needles

This passing Needle is actually a small Darner needle but it is much bigger than the other needles described above, The needle is mainly used in Goldwork for passing a thread through a hole when plunging, as the eye is larger and many of the threads would so that you can secure on the underside of your work. This needle can also be used for a variety of other types of embroideries. This needle is available as part of the goldwork needle pack or can be purchased as a pack of 5 Passing needles

Plunging Needles

The plunging needle is the biggest needle that we use, it is a larger Darning needle. We use this needle to create a hole for threads to pass through, in a similar way to a stiletto or Mellor. This needle is also good for plunging and passing the threads that are thicker. A Plunging needle comes in the goldwork needle pack and can also be purchased in a pack of 5 Plunging needles

Plunging Needles