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Goldwork Courses and classes

Goldwork Courses and classes – We offer a range of Courses and Classes throughout the year from retreats to regular classes. One off classes and classes held in assosiation with other companies such as Denman and Lady Anne’s Needlework.

Our Resident Tutor

Sarah Rakestraw  is Golden Hinde’s resident tutor, and is also Recommended Embroiderers Guild tutor. Sarah has been teaching classes and courses for many years, she is very patient and encouraging.

At Golden Hinde we hold regular Goldwork classes on a fortnightly basis, but in addition to this we also run courses throughout the year which we can arrange to be held in your area, for 5 to 18 embroiderers. We do get booked up very quickly and we are now taking bookings a year in advance, if you would like to book a course, please contact us directly, providing us with 2 or 3 date options and we will try our best to accommodate. All course options can be found below.

Sarah is also able to give talks on Goldwork if you would like to arrange this please contact us directly.

goldwork embroidery class

Golden Hinde Courses


Residential Retreats

Golden Hinde are now offering residential retreats, places are confirmed on receipt of payment. Please look at our Residential retreats page for details on upcoming retreats and availability

Lady Anne's Festival

Sarah will be teaching at the online Lady Anne’s Needlework festival from 11th - 13th May. You can find more information here https://ladyannesneedlework.com/tutors/2023-sarah-rakestraw-online/

Our Regular In-Person Classes

Golden Hinde run regular fortnightly goldwork embroidery classes at our studio  in Warrington. Classes are run on Monday’s and Tuesday’s 10-4. These classes do need to be booked in advance and you must commit to 9 classes. In addition to Goldwork we do incorporate other embroidery techniques, such as stumpwork, silk shading, needle weaving. If you are interested in joining us please contact us directly for more information. or book your place here 

If you are unable to attend a regular class and have 6 or more ladies that want to learn goldwork or improve your technique, then we can arrange to come to your area, we offer several different courses – which are listed below – there is something to suit everyone.

Please contact us directly for more information and prices.

Day Classes

Our very own Sarah Rakestraw from Golden Hinde will be hosting 1 day Goldwork Courses. Sarah is a well established tutor in Goldwork and has been teaching Goldwork for over 15 years and we are delighted to be able to open up Goldwork courses to everyone.

We hold various day classes throughout the year at our Warrington Studio, this is a great way to start your Goldwork Journey and a chance to be taught by one of the best tutors in the business.

Check our shop page for classes that are available and more information Embroidery Courses.

Stitch along projects

We have several stitch along projects available o n the website with everything from Halloween Ghost and Pumpkin to a Daffodil , Heart and a super cute Bunny brooch, get yours HERE 

Watch the YouTube videos and stitch along with Sarah by following this link TO our YOUTUBE channel

New kits and stitch along projects

We have a range of kits to suit all tastes and abilities. They also make great gifts for any embroiderer

Guest Tutors

Occasionally we organise for a guest tutor to take our classes, to teach other embroidery techniques other than Goldwork.

Our regular class attendees do get first refusal on places, however, we do allow others to attend on a first come first served basis. You would need to book you place on a guest class directly with us.

Goldwork Courses with Sarah Rakestraw

Designs will be supplied by the tutor.

All levels can be taught individually, choose from the following options or contact us for more details.

Level 1 Introductory techniques for goldwork embroidery – Application of Jap, Passing thread, Bright Check, Smooth Purl, Pearl Purl and Leather.

Level 2 Advanced techniques 1 – Basket weave and purls over string.

Level 3 Advanced techniques 2 – Or Nue techniques

The Goldwork embroidery courses can be run as individual one off classes.

We offer day courses for groups of 5-18 these courses all need to be pre-booked and 2-3 dates need to be provided to us. If you are an individual interested in these courses it maybe worth contacting your local Embroiderers guild or sewing group to see if they would be interested in arranging a course with Golden Hinde.

Our courses are tailored to fit the requirements of the individuals, but the following options have been the most popular. During a class, we will cover the use of Jap and its many facets, the use of most wires in Goldwork Embroidery and an introduction to new threads. You will be taught the applications and techniques of Goldwork embroidery and produce a sample or piece by the end of the course dependent on the course type and length. The courses cater for beginners to expert, our aim is to encourage an enthusiasm for the array of techniques of this special craft.

Goldwork Embroidery Courses

An heirloom in a day.

This is a one day course where you can learn the basic techniques and complete a design, from five worked pieces.

Designs are supplied by the tutor.

We have a variety of kits available and each individual can choose a kit and work it within the class, as the techniques learnt are within each kit. Or your own design can be worked, this needs to be sent in advance of the course.

Mirror course, this is a 3 day course which is usually run on a fortnightly basis. We have already worked four example mirrors, on which your design can be based on or your own design can be worked.

How will I learn?

Through demonstration of techniques followed by discussion and practical workshop with tuition.

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone with basic sewing skills through to the competent embroiderer.

All our courses can be adapted to suit the group, please contact us directly with you requirements.

Courses can also be arranged on a one to one teaching basis for individuals working on their own project, wanting to learn new techniques or that would like inspiration.