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Lady Anne’ Needlework Festival to be held in May 2023

Sarah is delighted to be part of this Festival which is held online so involves people from a all around the world. Sarah joins several other well known embroiders who are experts in their craft including Phillipa Turnbull and Kate Barlow. 

Sarah’s zoom workshop runs from 11th May – 13th May 2023 and she will be teaching this exquisite Lady Margaret’s pin cushion, based on the beautiful marble effigy, within St Lawrence’s Church in Appleby, of Lady Margaret, Lady Anne Clifford’s mother. In this class students will learn various metal thread embroidery techniques as well as how to make the embroidery into a pincushion.

More information can be found on the Lady Anne’s Needlework website https://ladyannesneedlework.com/

Previous Lady Anne’s Needlework Classes

Sarah has taught for Lady Anne’s Needlework a few times, her first was to teach at the crewelwork company where she held a masterclass in passing thread and Or Nue, you can read a review of the class HERE

Although Sarah was booked to join the Crewelwork company at their Lady Anne’s Needlework Festival from 4th – 17th July 2021, this was unfortunately cancelled due to the Coronovirus pandemic

Sarah was asked to teach an online course for Lady Annes Needlework so in May 2022 Sarah taught her Goldwork Notebook – This class covers all the main wires and threads and other materials used in Goldwork: stitches used through the ages, how to care for your threads and wires, and what equipment you need. Students will enjoy using a selection of stitches and special effects and learn which stitches are appropriate for a selection of shapes and designs. Sarah stocks over 500 threads and wires and her knowledge of these is an absolute gift to the embroiderer.