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Please note that we are attending a show from 20th November  – 26th November 2017.  If we do have the stock for your order we will send but please be aware there maybe a delay in dispatch times. Show details can be found here Shows and Exhibitions

Here at Golden Hinde we have always specialised in Goldwork Embroidery. We produce Quality English Goldwork Embroidery kits and sell the goldwork wires and goldwork threads and all your sundry goldwork embroidery requirements to make your own designs come alive. (See our shop to the left.) We have recently expanded our store to include other popular types of hand embroidery techniques including Blackwork and Whitework.

Goldwork embroidery is an ancient craft (see the History of Goldwork Embroidery) and Golden Hinde aims to show that is not beyond beginners, despite all the mystery that surrounds the techniques. We have a range of kits available with something to suit everyone from a beginners to expert level.

Origins of Goldwork

The origins of goldwork embroidery are set deep in history and came from many sources as silk travelled over the continents of Asia travelling through Beirut with the silk merchants, its use became widespread after the birth of Christ references to a cloth of gold are to be found in the bible, and was mentioned in the book of Exodus. It could be found on vestments and clothes in countries like in ancient Egypt (in the tombs of the pharaohs) Italy, Babylon, Greece, India, and Persia. It can be seen in the wonderful garments from Japan and China the emperors gowns were richly embroidered in gold, its part of their ancient history somewhat entwined in the making of the secret world that was silk making. See more on the History of Goldwork HERE

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