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Bright Check 8 Copper

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Bright Check 8 Copper

Bright Check 8 Copper is the smallestĀ  size of Bright check and also known as Bullion in French. Made from a very fine wire and wound to create a tubular length, it looks like a spring. Bright check is usually cut into chips and attached in a similar way to a bead, it is great to fill in large areas.

Product Summary

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Traditionally goldwork embroidery was worn on ecclesiastical vestments and church trappings i.e. alter frontals, pulpit falls etc. Also in Royal circles and rich aristocratic families, for them it was an ostentatious display of wealth and power.

The goldwork threads used to be pure gold and were flattened and wound around strands of animal and human hair, but because the gold was so brittle they were later wrapped around materials such as silk, animal gut, paper, or parchment. In the early days this was all done by hand, which made the cost phenomenal. The most renowned examples of English embroidery are the beautifully preserved St Cuthberts Stole and maniple which was made at the behest of Queen Aelfflaed about 901AD, it is covered completely in gold laid work and couched thread, it is displayed in Durham Cathedral.


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