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So recently I produced a master class in passing thread for Phillipa @crewelworkco
I had an amazing time and I know the ladies in the class enjoyed themselves too. To read about it click here:

I need to go around this little fella a few more times and then I am either going to bring this little jumping hare out as either a
stitch along
online class or
What do you think?

I never just have one thing on the go. I have just finished the back of my jacket.

I have a whitework project that I started when Nicola Jarvis came over to see us. I designed my own owl and we did whitework techniques.

I have a blackwork project on the go when Jen Goodwin @jagembroidery came up to our class, hopefully she is on track for finishing her blackwork book.

And I have a small secret project in the pipe line, all will be revealed soon.

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One of our current projects, Carol is making a church banner. All the planets in the solar system. ... See MoreSee Less

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Glenys sampler is coming along nicely
She's enjoyed using the different colours of leather and twists
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Slightly delayed now as I couldn't do this one because I was away.
So I have numerous work spaces. My desk is my primary space. It undergoes various states of untidiness, very untidy atm as I have been away. Look at that big pile of work for me to sort in front of my keyboard.
Second work space, I am considering this room, which is currently also not tidy, but believe me much tidier than it was. I need to thoroughly clear this space and make it into a functional studio for me.
Third work space, the golden hinde room, this is where the hive of activity takes place and where all your orders are prepared. Love my perspex draws, best idea ever.
Last but not least, when I am at a show, my workspace is like a shop

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What motivates me, well now there is a question. I love what I do and I do what I love. And I love Goldwork, but my main motivation in life is my boys and most of the things I do are for them. You can see why as they are both just so gorgeous.

On the goal front, my main goal recently has been to finish the book that me and my mum started over 15 years, and at the end of last year I finally achieved that goal. So now there are lots of other goals that I want to achieve to, nothing quite as big as the book though. Sometimes it's just the little things. Create some more kits, sort out a work space, do some video's. I have soooooooo many ideas my mind just bursts with them, I just lack the time to follow some of them up, but after these shows watch out world 😂😂😂

Super photograph taken by the lovely Hannah, theperpetualmaker

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