Jap K2 (Size 10) Goldwork Thread


Jap K2 Length 5 metres

Goldwork Thread.

The name stems from Japan Thread, it consists of a metalised polyester ribbon wrapped around a silk or synthetic core.

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Jap K2 (Size 10)

Jap K2 (size 10)  is a popular thread which is used in goldwork,  K4 is the thinnest of the range with K1 being the thickest option.

The name Jap stems from Japan Thread. This imitation Jap consists of a metallised polyester ribbon wrapped around a silk or synthetic core, and is a very popular and more affordable option that real gold.  When using K Jap the ends are plunged and then couched in rows, with a couching thread such as Translucent

Product Summary
  • Length 5 metres
  • Different sizes available K1 K2 and K4
  • Also available in Silver


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