Goldwork Embroidery Metal Thread Scissors


Metal Thread Goldwork embroidery scissors (serrated blade). These scissors are used for cutting the goldwork wires and threads.

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Goldwork Embroidery Metal Thread Scissors

Goldwork Embroidery Metal Thread scissors have a fine serrated blade, the scissors are designed for cutting the wires and threads used for Goldwork Embroidery.

Goldwork Metal Thread scissors  are a must for anyone who is using wires, as these scissors will cut through the wire with ease and without damaging your wire. It is important to use Metal thread scissors and NOT your standard embroidery scissors i.e Stork scissors as the wire will damage and blunt a none serrated blade and in return the embroidery scissors can damage the wires.


  • A must for anyone doing Goldwork
  • serrated blade (a very fine serration)


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