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Fine Grecian

Baby Grecian Length 1 metre

Goldwork Thread.

  • Gilt has a gold content of 0.5%


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Fine Grecian

Fine Grecian. 4 strands of cotton core wrapped in gold foil and twisted together. 2 strands have a serrated shiny finish (smooth) and 2 strands are smooth with a Matt finish (rough). Great for edging on any project

Product summary

  • 1 Metre length
  • available in smooth/rough
  • also available in medium and baby Grecian
  • Gilt has a gold content of 0.5%
Weight 0.00394 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5.5 × 0.5 cm

Baby Grecian Rough/Rough, Fine Grecian, Baby Grecian Rough/Smooth


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