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June 2021 Blog

June was an exciting month for us we were able to see our customers face to face in a classes for the first time in what feels like a very long time. Our regular classes have been on line but we have had class members in the studio with the option to attend on line if they wanted to which is nice. We also held 2 different classes one being Goldwork with the tutor Sarah Rakestraw and a Silk shading class with RSN tutor Kate Barlow.

19th June 2021 – Goldwork beginners Class with Sarah Rakestraw.

On Saturday 19th June Sarah held a Goldwork class at our studio’s at the old school in Warrington. This class was a long time coming as it had been postponed numerous times through no fault of our own. Like everyone else we had to lock our studio down and stop any face to face classes. Thankfully we are able to make our environment covid safe, with lots of hand sanitiser, wiping down surfaces, face masks and social distancing, which we are happy to do if we are able to teach face to face. Although this class is suitable for all levels it is great for those with little or no experience in Goldwork to learn the techniques properly and gain the confidence to continue with Goldwork.

At the start of the class an option was given for them to complete a flower of a star design, where each petal or point was completed with a different technique. This included leather work and chipping just to name a few. All the ladies were excited to get started.

Silk Shading with RSN tutor Kate Barlow

On Monday 21st June we had the pleasure of welcoming Kate Barlow to our studio space. We had asked Kate to come and teach Silk Shading for us at Golden Hinde and these classes were supposed to be in 2020 but as we know these things did not happen, but we were delighted that Kate was able to still come and join us. This was Kate’s first face to face class since lockdown, but she took it in her stride – i mean we all know how strange it is to see others in the same room after a year of zoom and computer screens.

Most of the people who attended the class had not done silk shading before or not much. We had decided with Kate to have the Viola as the chosen project and what a lovely little thing it is.

On arrival at the studio space everyone got their frames set up and we were all given a kit by Kate (everyone paid Kate directly for the kit) the pack itself contained, a range of stranded cottons needed to complete the whole project, 2 needles, fabric with the transfer design, backing fabric and full comprehensive instructions. Using a projector – on to a large TV screen – Kate was able to demonstrate the stitches needed in a step by step manor moving on to next stitches when the attendees were ready. This all meant that no one needed to move around the room too much, no crowding around the tutor either which all in all meant less mask wearing (of course if people wanted to wear a mask that was fine too) as we were sat in our seats and socially distanced as per the rules at time of writing. Having the demonstrations on a screen was great as everyone could see clearly and it also meant that you could attempt the stitches as they were being shown and if you had a problem or didn’t understand you could ask a question at the time. Kate did move around the room wearing her visor, and was able to assist individually and give encouragement and tips on how to improve, which was lovely.

In the time we had we managed to complete just over 2 petals and Kate talked through what you would need to do for other areas of the design. I personally attended the Monday and Tuesday class and was thrilled that i was able to complete all put 1 petal of my viola in those two days.

Overall, i really enjoyed the class and believe that everyone who attended did. It was a great class for those who are new to embroidery or silk shading as well as those with a little more experience. Kate really was lovely and very approachable, she also seemed to enjoy teaching our two groups.

A few times a year we hold classes run by our very own Sarah Rakestraw and we try to have a guest tutor at least once a year. Look out for day classed on our website https://golden-hinde.co.uk/product-category/courses/day-courses/