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Blog January 2021

Its the start of a brand new year, although it doesn’t seem that much different to last year does it? There are positive things ahead with the vaccinations now being administrated in many countries around the world. However, in the world of Golden Hinde this year is going to be an exciting one, we have our classes starting back up soon, 3 retreats this year and more to prep for in 2022. If you are interested in any retreats please get in contact – if they are sold out we can put you on the waiting list and if a space becomes available we can contact you.

Sewing and your Mental Health

This month we want to highlight the benefits of sewing and mental health, being in a global pandemic has really highlighted Mental Health issues for everyone, whether you are working from home, home schooling your children or grandchildren we all need a little boost. Everyone is different and there is never a one thing fits all, but if you are already an embroiderer you probably can already recognise how it can benefit your mental health.

Sewing is a mindful activity, it helps you to focus your energy to one outlet, embroidery requires hand eye co-ordination, promoting improvement in fine motor skill and manual dexterity. The finished product of learning a new skill can give a great sense of achievement, and studies have shown that people with depression or anxiety, crafts of any sort really help, they improve self esteem. Any distraction from any negative thoughts has got to be a good thing, there have been many studies showing that crafting of any kind can give your mind a break creating a distraction.

Loneliness is a large issue where mental health is concerned, this has been highlighted in the last 9 months with lockdowns all over the world we have all had to become experts in Zoom, Microsoft teams, and Google Classrooms, not to mention all the social media channels available. Keeping connected with friends, family or any one with interests in the same things is so important especially now. If you haven’t already follow us on social media, or search for groups with interests in ‘Goldwork’ or any other type of embroidery. Its a great place to chat with people with the same interests and share ideas and tips.

If you aren’t able to get to your sewing supplies for any reason, deep breathing if a good technique to learn, there are lots of apps that you can down load on a smart phone which will help to regulate breathing and calm anxiety.

5 Good reasons to sew to help your mental health

  1. Stress relief

Sewing is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. When you sew it creates a meditative action when repeating stitches, this then encourages positivity and a feeling of relaxation. Being forced to concentrate (as explained above) on one particular task enables you to become immersed in a situation and truly unwind.

2.Improves you hand eye co-ordination

It’s always good to use your fine motor skills, sewing really helps ;to enhance these skills and keep them strong, especially hand-eye-coordination. Sewing requires attention to detail this encourages good coordination and can help to relieve physical issues such as back pain, obviously make sure that you are sat in a comfortable position.

3. Brain Growth

Yes you read that right, sewing improves your brain’s ability to grow new brain cells. As mental deterioration is a result of lost connection between neurons, sewing will promote mental growth which can only be a good thing.

4. Happiness

Just like all other types craft activities, sewing increases dopamine in the brain, which makes us feel more positive. Choose the type of embroidery you enjoy – we of course would choose Goldwork – and let the happiness take you over.

5. It helps to fight Dementia

This is the big one, and the one we all want to prevent as long as possible Because sewing requires you remember specific steps for specific stitches, it works the brain and keeps the mind clear, focused and active. This can help prevent dementia as you grow older. (there is no guarantee but the more you work your brain the better your memory)

No matter which craft or hobby you choose to do, many studies prove that they will help your wellbeing and general mental health. Helping you to relax, relieve stress and anxiety this is especially important in the current times. If you are reading this the chances are that you already an embroiderer or have craft hobbies which is great, you will be feeling the benefits. Always remember to reach out if you are feeling sad or lonely, there are many groups on Facebook and Instagram you can join with lots of people all over the world who have the same interests as you. Share ideas, pictures and thoughts, make new friends

There are many websites which can help with any mental health issues but remember it is always GOOD TO TALK